Helmholz 700-751-5VK21 SSW7-RK512 MPI adapter with RK512 protocol as new


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Helmholz SSW7-RK512 MPI adapter with RK512 protocol

With the SSW7-RK512 it is possible to bring operator terminals, visualization, or other external devices to the S7 without adapting the software, if they support the RK512 protocol. The SSW7- RK512 transmits data blocks, flags, inputs, and outputs. The MPI settings of the SSW7-RK512 can be changed by a parameterization program or with special RK512 telegrams to connect several SSW7-RK512 units or several ADs to an MPI bus. The SSW7-RK512 has automatic baud rate detection on the RS232 interface, which makes it possible to adapt to the connected device (from 9.6 to 115 kbps). The MPI interface operates at 187.5 kbps. The SSW7-RK512 is supplied with voltage via the MPI bus of the CPU. With an optional 24 V connection, it can be used anywhere else in the system. We provide the SSW7-RK512 with an additional programming interface on the connector, including a switchable terminating resistor. The SSW7-RK512 is also available with RS422 interface. Parameterization and diagnostic functions are possible using the SHTools software. For a firmware update, download the latest SHTools version for free.

Helmholz order no.: 700-751-5VK21

HW version: 2

FW version: 2.03

Used, as new condition, tested and working