Helmholz 700-755-1VK21 SSW7-USB PC Adapter USB-MPI HW-5 used excellent condition



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Helmholz SSW7-USB PC Adapter USB - S7 MPI

The SSW7-USB permits conversion from a USB interface to the MPI bus for programming software or visualization. The SSW7 has a 1.2 m long MPI connecting cable, which can be directly plugged into the CPU socket of the programmable controller or at any other point in the MPI network. The housing of the SSW7-USB contains a type „B“ USB socket. The SSW7-USB can be connected to the PC via the USB cable supplied. The SSW7-USB is powered from the PC. The SSW7-USB can therefore be used at any point in the MPI bus. A driver for creating a virtual com-port is included.

Helmholz order number: 700-755-1VK21

HW version: 5

FW version: V3.40 (upgraded from V3.25 to latest version)

Used in excellent condition, tested and working. USB cable included.