NEW - VIPA 62M-JEE0-CB TP612C Touch Panel 12.1" TFT color original box + Movicon

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VIPA TP612C Touch Panel 12.1" TFT color with Movicon runtime

12.1" SVGA, TFT color, 800x600 Pixel, Xscale 800 MHz, 128 MB work memory, 4 GB memory for user data, MPI/PROFIBUS-DP, RS232, RS422/485, USB-A, USB-B, 2xRJ45 Ethernet (switch), Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Professional, Movicon Runtime

Order no.: 62M-JEE0-CB

Type no.: TP612C / TP 612C

FW version: 02V20.001

New in open original box